This week, the focus is on Kubrick’s The Killing. We highlight four different takes on the classic film:  Gopi Selvaseelan’s appreciation focuses on the dark humour in the film and how it inflects the different strands of narrative in The Killing. Lauren Nwenwu’s piece distinguishes itself by integrating image capture as part of the argument. It’s no mere illustration, it’s evidence for her argument on the combination of gentleness, violence and morality in the film, as seen through its use of noir devices and with a particular focus on the racetrack scenes. Liam Smith asks, ‘Is it not so that the interaction between the horse that sprints with all its strength spurred on by the jockey that rides it, resembles the very interplay that we see between the femme fatale and the entranced male ? The sexual instinct as raw energy surges forward running blind like the horse, towards the femme fatale who harnesses like the jockey, it’s impulse and behaviour, controlling it, teaching it how to desire.’ You’ll want to know the answer. Finally, Anne Amarawansa highlights the film’s fascinating deployment of the inter-connections between time and narrative. Four different perspectives that are bound to enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing.


José Arroyo

Editorial collective and copy-editing: Daedyn Appleton, Albert Hill-Eldridge, Lisa Mosse, Cassandra Qiu.

Picture Editing:Ann Amarwansa, Lauren Nwenwu, Gopi Selvaseelan, Liam Smith.